We offer a variety of Sun Control Products which are the ideal solution for the intense southwest summer sun.

Retractable Shade Screens

The key to sun control is to stop it before it reaches your windows or outdoor entertainment areas. Windows and patios exposed to direct sunlight absorb solar radiation in a process known as thermal loading. It’s no secret why we seek the shade in hot weather, it’s much cooler away from direct sunlight.

Shades screens work by shading the windows and outdoor areas from direct sunlight which reduces up to 70% of solar heat gain while still allowing you to enjoy your view through the shade screen fabric.

Our shades screens also provide excellent wind control as the fabric is fully captured in the vertical side rails, as well as the bottom bar and header box. The fabric stays in place as the wind blows. This feature also provides excellent insect control as there are no gaps which could allow flies or mosquitoes to enter the enclosed area.

Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters are the original exterior sun control product and provide the best insulation for windows and doors as well as exceptional security. Shutter slats are made of aluminum and filled with foam providing unmatched insulation from temperature extremes in both summer and winter climates. When fully closed the shutters eliminate virtually all light penetration while reducing noise up to 60%.

Retractable Awnings

Awnings mount directly to to your home above windows and patios and extend outward to provide shade to porches, decks and other outdoor entertainment areas. Awnings are available in both manual and motorized operation.

Our Retractable Awnings may be ordered up to 40′ wide and project up to 14’6″ from your home or patio.

All these products share one common feature. Each product will make your home a more comfortable, enjoyable place to live! Call us today for years of satisfaction!


October 29, 2015

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Manual Shades

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Rim Shades

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