The Benefits of Rolling Shutters in El Paso

June 1, 2022

El Paso rolling shutters—also known as roller shutters in El Paso—are a common type of window covering made from aluminum hinged panels that can be fixed outside a window or door. Popular in many European countries—namely Germany and Spain—they’re rapidly gaining popularity in the United States for their wide-range of applications and many benefits. 

What are these benefits? And how can you benefit from rolling shutters outside your El Paso home? In this informative post, learn more about rolling shutters and all the ways that make installing rolling shutters in El Paso a good investment. 

What Are Rolling Shutters in El Paso?

Rolling shutters are made from hinged, horizontal panels made of aluminum that can be fixed outside a window or door, and that easily slide up and down via tracks on either end. When closed, the horizontal slats hinge together, providing protection against the elements and intruders. When open, the slats retract into a roll and fit into a small box above the opening or inside it. 

As far as window coverings go, rolling shutters are one of the best ways to provide maximum security, shade, and comfort. Built strong, they’re able to withstand penetration from would-be intruders, as well as the elements. Completely opaque—they can provide peak privacy—and, by being soundproof, they can reduce outside noise by as much as 80%. Finally, by providing absolute shade, they can reduce the energy required to cool your home—lowering your energy bill in the process. 

Beige Rolling Shutters in El Paso

The Benefits of Installing Rolling Shutters in El Paso


Rolling shutters can provide the ultimate form of security and protection for your El Paso home—even when you’re away from it. Slats—the interlocking components rolling shutters —are made with sturdy aluminum and filled with a dense foam. Our slats will also lock automatically when closed—making them virtually impenetrable to outside intruders without drawing attention. In fact, given the hassle of attempting to break in—and all the effort and noise it will cause—the mere sight of rolling shutters on your home may be enough to deter unwanted guests. 

Want maximum protection? Our heavy-duty extruded slats are made from 55m of heavy-duty aluminum, providing extra security and impact resistance. 


Privacy is yet another fantastic perk of installing rolling shutters on your El Paso home. Unlike blinds, shades, and shade screens, rolling shutters are completely opaque—ensuring that no one can see you from the outside looking in, from any angle. This means you can easily create a place of quiet solitude and seclusion—at the touch of a button—in any room of your home. 

rolling shutters for windows in el paso tx
Rolling Shutters for Windows in El Paso


Installing rolling shutters in El Paso can be a great way to keep your home cool and energy efficient. By blocking sunshine and infrared light—your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature, resulting in increased energy savings throughout the year. Moreover, by shielding your home from the sun’s UV rays, you can protect your health, your furniture, and your upholstery, from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. 

Light Control

Perhaps the greatest benefit of sun shades is their ability to provide complete and absolute light-control. With rolling shutters, you can darken a room by as much as 99%—significantly more than blinds and blackout curtains. If you work at night or enjoy an afternoon nap, rolling shutters will provide a dark space for restful slumber. 

jet black rolling shutters in el paso
Black Rolling Shutters in El Paso

Noise Control

When it comes to productivity, serenity, or sleep, nothing beats a quiet room. And with rolling shutters, you can make your rooms’ as silent as the desert. By reducing noise by up to 80%, rolling shutters can block the incoming sounds of dogs, cars, and lawn-mowers, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of home in an entirely new—and completely noiseless—way. 


Nothing beats rolling shutters when it comes to all-day convenience. Our El Paso rolling shutters are motorized and controlled with a remote control (or your smartphone), so that you can easily raise and lower all your home’s shutters, individually or all at once. The convenience of total home sun protection more than makes up for the cost. And, with a lifetime warranty on all motors and electronics, there’s no risk at all in upgrading to our motorized options.

Common Questions About El Paso Rolling Shutters

What kinds of homeowners buy rolling shutters?

Given their nature, rolling shutters can sometimes be seen as a “maximum security solution”—one best suited for doomsday preppers, recluses, or the super-rich. 

This is a common myth. In reality, many people use rolling shutters as an extremely versatile window covering that provides an array of benefits. As mentioned, rolling shutters can come in any size and many colors to match any aesthetic, which makes them an attractive, and convenient window covering solution. They’re many security features make them ideal for solo-homeowners, the elderly, or security-conscious homeowners, while their ability to block out noise, heat, and light make them perfect for anyone who wants to make their home more energy-efficient, or quieter. 

Pro tip: Rolling shutters are a fantastic way to improve your sleep. Installed outside your bedroom windows with heavy-duty foam, they can block out all light that might otherwise enter, make your room completely sound-proof, and provide peace of mind (knowing you’re safe and secure)—perfect for a good night’s rest. 

Where can I install El Paso rolling shutters in my home?

Rolling shutters run along a vertical track that can be installed on a variety of different openings of varying widths and/or heights. This means you can install them on any door or window along the outside perimeter of your home. 

Can rolling shutters be used for commercial applications?

Yes. Rolling shutters can be used for commercial applications. They’re commonly used in warehouses and other kinds of industrial settings, but they can also be extremely useful for storefronts, restaurants, and even schools to prevent vandalism and theft. 

Pro tip: Roller shutters are unique in that they retract around themselves. This makes them incredibly low profile while occupying less space than other security measures—making them ideal for any facility with space restrictions or overhead shelving. 

What product options exist for rolling shutters in El Paso?

Rolling shutters can be connected to a variety of different opening devices, including simple lift systems, chain pulleys, and motors so that you can lift them with the touch of a button. Moreover, the panels themselves can come in a variety of thicknesses and styles, and filled with different foams, for varying levels of security, insulation, and aesthetics. 

Get Your Custom Rolling Shutters for Your El Paso Home

Looking for custom rolling shutters in El Paso? Southwestern Home Products' rolling shutters come with all the aforementioned benefits—and can even be customized to match the aesthetic of your home! They’ll provide privacy, security, and energy-efficiency, while completely changing how you live in every room of your home. And, with dozens of options available for slat types, colors, and upgrades, you are guaranteed to love your new rolling shutters for life. 

Ready to get your El Paso rolling shutters? Contact Southwestern Home Products to learn more about our rolling shutters, or to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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