Custom Shower Enclosures in El Paso

Showers are often thought of as the “centerpiece” of a bathroom, and for many homeowners, this main-stay leaves a lot to be desired. That’s why we provide a variety of custom shower enclosures in El Paso, for those who want a luxurious shower with a one-of-a-kind look. What’s more, our team of El Paso custom shower installers and glaziers can walk you through each step of the design process and provide you with a free consultation and estimate to ensure you receive nothing less than the custom shower of your dreams.

The Benefits of our Custom Glass Shower Enclosures in El Paso

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Showerguard® Coating

Your shower glass will be crystal clear for years to come thanks to ShowerGuard–an advanced coating that helps keep minerals, scale, and soap scum from sticking onto the glass and creating a cloudy look. It’s the perfect way to preserve the appearance of your shower, and it’s only available from us.

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Quick Turnaround Time

While we always ensure that your project is completed correctly the first time, we proudly hold some of the fastest turnaround times for custom shower enclosures in El Paso. You can rest assured knowing that your project will be completed correctly and on schedule.

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Extensive Experience

For more than 75 years, Southwestern Home Products has been committed to providing the residents of El Paso with the absolute best sun control and custom glass products as well as unparalleled customer service. With the help of our expert team, your custom glass shower enclosure in El Paso is guaranteed to impress you, your family, and your friends.

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In-House Team

Our in-house team is dedicated to making our custom shower enclosure design process easy to understand and completely seamless. That’s why we only install shower enclosures with an in-house team and never hire subcontractors. From the estimate to the completion of the project, our customer service team and El Paso shower installers will always be available to assist.

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Manufacturer Partnerships

We partner with some of the best-known manufacturers and brands in the industry. From the glass that we use to install your custom shower enclosures to our wide selection of hardware options, you can trust you’re getting the best shower enclosure products money can buy.

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At Southwestern Home Products, we stand by our custom glass shower enclosure products, which is why we have some of the best warranties in the industry. Through our partnerships with high-end manufacturers, some of our products offer lifetime warranties and more.

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Custom Shower Enclosures in El Paso

No matter the style of your bathroom, we can install the shower enclosure that’s perfect in every way. Our El Paso shower enclosure experts will take meticulous care to consider the size constraints of your bathroom, and create an enclosure that fits your style and vision. Plus, our wide selection of enclosure frames and styles ensure you’ll always have plenty of options to choose from!

Explore Our Shower Enclosure Designs

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless shower enclosures in El Paso are one of most popular types of custom glass shower enclosures, and it’s easy to tell why. These stylish shower enclosures allow you to take full advantage of the space in your shower, while providing an unrestricted “floating” look. Made without frames, our frameless shower enclosures are, instead, mounted to the sides of your shower walls and floor via hinges and channels—and come with a fully frameless shower door that never creaks. They’re a beautiful way to create a striking, seamless, and elegant shower—ideal for modern homes.

At Southwestern Home Products, we’re experts in designing and constructing frameless shower enclosures in El Paso, and can work with you to ensure your enclosure meets whatever style you have in mind.

Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures

For the look and feel of a frameless shower door, but within tighter space constraints, our El Paso semi-frameless shower enclosures are an excellent choice. Semi-frameless shower doors offer a “built-in” look as they're often installed within two walls of the bathroom. With frames along the top and/or sides, and glass shower doors that can slide or swing at a hinge, our semi-frameless shower doors provide the same “unobscured view” as our frameless shower enclosures, at a more affordable price point. 

We design and install semi-frameless shower enclosures in El Paso and the surrounding areas, and work around your space restraints to accommodate whatever style you have in mind.

Barn Door Shower Enclosures

El Paso rolling barn door shower enclosures are perfect for bathrooms with space restrictions. These shower enclosures roll from side to side just like the door of a barn, so you’ll never have to worry about opening your glass shower door in tight spaces. Our beautiful barn doors come in a variety of finishes—including chrome, matte black, brushed stainless, and oil rubbed bronze—as well as styles such as square and round bars, with either two wheels or four. 

For those who have limited space in their bathroom or are looking for a unique design with elegant functionality, our barn door shower enclosures are an excellent choice! 

Glass Types

Now that you’ve decided on the style of shower enclosure you’d like to install in your bathroom, it’s time to find the glass type that’s right for you. From the cut and thickness of the glass to it’s texture and design, the choice is entirely up to you. Your new shower can perfectly match the style and atmosphere of your bathroom thanks to the custom shower enclosure experts at Southwestern Home Products.

Most Popular Glass Styles



HD Glass



ShowerGuard is an innovative glass coating technology that stops corrosion on your glass shower enclosure before it starts, and keeps your shower glass crystal clear for years to come. Shower glass often becomes corroded due to hard water, heat, humidity, soap, and more which can create spots on the glass and dull its appearance. At Southwestern home products, we utilize ShowerGuard so that your new custom shower enclosure can be clean and clear for as long as it stands Southwestern Home Products, is proud to be one of the only registered ShowerGuard dealers in the El Paso area.

Hardware Options

Hardware is the finishing touch for your custom shower enclosure, and at Southwestern Home Products, we provide you a multitude of hardware options to choose from. From hinges and handles to accompanying towel bars and robe hooks, each and every piece of hardware will be your decision to make. Whether you want to only pick the finish, or pick the exact style of hinge for the door, we can help find the right solution and hardware style so you can have the custom glass shower enclosure of your dreams. 

Choose Your Hardware

Hinge Style

geneva hinge- custom shower enclosures
Vienna Hinge
pinnacle hinge- custom shower enclosures
Pinnacle Hinge
vernon hinge - custom shower enclosures
Vernon Hinge
zurich hinge - custom shower enclosures
Zurich Hinge

Handle Style

BM Series Pull Handle
Ladder Pull Handle
MT Series Pull Handle
Victorian Pull Handle
SQ Series Pull Handle
Crescent Pull Handle
Colonial Pull Handle


Polished Chrome
Brushed Satin Chrome
Polished Nickel
Brushed Nickel
Polished Brass
Satin Brass
Unlacquered Brass
Matte Black
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Brushed Bronze

Most Popular Hardware Finishes


Brushed Nickel

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Satin Nickel

Hardware Types & Styles

geneva hinge- custom shower enclosures
pinnacle hinge- custom shower enclosures
vienna hinge - custom shower enclosures
cologne hinge- custom shower enclosures
zurich hinge - custom shower enclosures
melbourne hinge - custom shower enclosures
vernon hinge - custom shower enclosures
victoria hinge - custom shower enclosures
plymouth hinge - custom shower enclosures
prima hinge - custom shower enclosures

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Custom-Made Shower Doors

Custom shower doors in El Paso TX come with numerous glass and hardware options, permitting them to fit countless design options. They’re also less forgiving when it comes to standard measurements and installation. After all, shower doors need to fit with the dimensions and angles of your shower. That’s why pre-cut and pre-made doors can be especially challenging to fit—even with a standard size shower. 

At Southwestern Home Products, our custom glass shower doors are custom cut to your specifications. Made to measure in the truest sense, we’ll measure your shower prior to cutting, and manufacture your glass to ensure a level and trouble-free fit. Whether your walls aren’t square or your floor isn’t flat, we’ll ensure your enclosure is not only level, but fits snuggly, securely, and seamlessly. 

For custom glass shower doors in El Paso TX—cut and installed the right way— choose Southwestern Home Products today!

What To Expect During Your
In-Home Consultation

At Southwestern Home Products, we treat each and every one of our El Paso custom shower enclosure installations as a completely new project. We’ll walk you through where to best install your shower enclosure, taking the layout and size of your bathroom into account. As well as other considerations like the slope of the floor and the position of adjacent bathroom fixtures. From there, you can decide on the options for your custom glass enclosure, like the style of the enclosure, the finish of the glass, and its hardware.
Once you’ve decided on the specifics, our team will get to work by providing you with an estimate and timeline for your shower project. Our process is designed to be as easy to understand as possible to ensure you get the bathroom of your dreams, stress-free and guaranteed.


Contact Us

Speak with one of our friendly Project Administrators who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about an upcoming project. They can also schedule a convenient time for an in-home consultation. Our Project Administrators have a combined 90 years of experience working with custom glass.


Free Consultation

A custom glass shower expert will review your project goals with you while in the home. If you have any images of your dream shower, they’d love to see them! They will take measurements in the space to assess the level/plumb of the tilework, verify the hardware finishes, and offer glass protection options. We’ll have a custom estimate for you within 1 business day.



We’ll order your one-of-a-kind glass and hardware, which takes about 10 business days to manufacture. Once ready, our in-house installation team (with over 110 years of combined experience) will install the new shower within a day, polish the glass & fixtures, and clean up the site. Each employee will be one of our team members — we never work with subcontractors!

Peace of Mind

  • gold-check
    Final sign-off on products & workmanship
  • gold-check
    1 year installation warranty
  • gold-check
    Lifetime warranty on ShowerGuard glass

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should my shower doors be replaced?

Well-maintained shower doors can last between 20 and 30 years. However, incorrect installation, improper care, and other issues can shorten their expected lifespan. If you’re experiencing leakage, rust, mold or mildew, or other issues, it’s probably time to consider replacing them.

Do you stock shower doors and frames?

We do not stock shower doors and frames, because we custom order enclosures to fit your specific shower.

What is a custom shower enclosure?

Custom shower enclosures are exactly what they sound like: fabricated hardware and glass panels that can be custom-made to enclose your shower. Custom shower enclosures are a stunningly elegant alternative to your standard shower curtain, while being just as, if not more, effective as keeping your floor from getting wet.

What type of custom shower enclosures do you offer?

Southwestern Home Products offers framed, semi-frameless, and fully frameless shower enclosures in El Paso.

You can learn more about these types of shower enclosures in our blog: Framed, Semi-Framed & Frameless Shower Enclosures: Which One’s Which?

How much does a custom shower enclosure cost in El Paso?

Given the number of options and finishes available to customize your shower, we cannot provide an exact cost without a visit to your home or project site.

We'll provide you with a free project estimate for your custom shower enclosure project following your initial consultation.

Can I just replace the doors of my shower?

Yes. We do offer custom shower door installation, which can be more affordable than a full remodel or replacement, however the cost will depend on the type of shower door you choose and the shape of your bathroom walls and floor. Contact us today for more information about replacing your El Paso shower doors.

Are glass shower doors really a good idea?

Yes. In fact, not only are glass shower doors easy to operate and maintain, but they’re long lasting and much more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, unlike shower curtains, glass shower doors won’t attract mold or mildew, and eliminate the possibility of any water splashing onto the floor while you shower.

Are frameless shower doors worth it?

We think so! Not only are frameless shower doors easier to clean and maintain, but, with the ability to swing the door both inward and outward, are easier to use. They also offer more design options, allowing you to design your shower so that it compliments the other design elements of your bathroom.

Are there other benefits of having a frameless shower doors in El Paso?

Generally speaking, frameless doors allow homeowners to “open up their space” while providing a much more striking and visually appealing shower. Frameless shower doors are also easier to clean than traditional shower doors, and since they have fewer joints, seals, and seams, are more resistant to mold and mildew.

Finally, since frameless shower doors are made of glass and don’t contain a metal shower frame, they typically last longer when cared for, since metal frames inevitably suffer from corrosion.

Will a frameless shower enclosure increase my home's value?

When it comes to bathroom remodeling in El Paso, nothing comes close to the resale value of a home with a frameless or semi-frameless shower enclosure. They’re modern appearance, paired with their enhanced functionality, make them an outstanding way to increase the value of your home.

How “custom” are custom shower enclosures?

As custom as they come. In fact, if you have an odd-shaped bathroom where a traditional shower enclosure won’t fit, our frameless and semi-frameless shower enclosures can and will. With the ability to custom cut the size of shape of your glass (as opposed to being stuck with a preconfigured frame) we can match the size of your panels to precise measurements, based on your bathroom layout and desired design. Put simply, a custom shower enclosure in El Paso can give you more freedom to choose what you want and where you install it.

Do you install your custom glass shower enclosures as well?

Frameless and semi-frameless shower enclosures can be extremely difficult to install, since every tiled wall or shower enclosure is different. This makes for a harder installation that often requires professional planning and fabrication to get right.

Fortunately for you, we professionally install all our custom shower enclosures as a complimentary service, so you’ll never have to worry whether your enclosure will be installed perfectly, let alone if it will look even. At Southwestern Home Products, we’re experts at bathroom remodeling in El Paso, shower enclosure installs especially.

How can I keep my custom glass shower enclosure clean?

To keep your El Paso shower enclosure clean, we recommend you add ShowerGuard® protective coating to your custom shower enclosure. This innovative coating technology—offered exclusively by Southwestern Home Products—can prevent hard water buildup and corrosion caused by heat, humidity, and soap, keeping your shower glass crystal clear for years to come. ShowerGuard® also carries a lifetime warranty against any cloudiness penetrating the glass–so you’ll always be able to restore your glass to like-new condition.

What glass thickness is best for a frameless shower door?

While 3/8″ glass is the minimum thickness that will provide the necessary stability for a frameless glass door, 1/2″ glass looks and feels more substantial than 3/8″ glass, and is often regarded as the more popular choice.