Solar Screens vs. Retractable Awnings: Which is Better in El Paso? ‍

November 24, 2021

Looking for an easy way to upgrade your outdoor space? Solar screens and retractable awnings are two of the most common options for outdoor coverings in El Paso, and while both have their strengths, there’s no right answer when it comes to choosing one over the other. Instead, it’s best to compare and contrast your options and to make a well-informed decision based on the benefits of each. 

Fortunately for you, we wrote this post so that you could do exactly that! Follow along as we explain the primary differences between solar shades and awnings, and provide a summary of each of their unique strengths.

What are Solar Screens?

Solar screens—otherwise known as retractable shade screens—are retractable outdoor coverings that are made from tightly-woven fabric that’s been coated to withstand and block out heat. They offer outstanding sun and light blocking benefits, and can also reduce glare (for distraction-less television viewing). Finally, because solar screens are slightly opaque (depending on the openness of the weave) they also double as privacy-screens, making them an effective and incredibly versatile way to shading solution.

The Benefits of Solar Screens in El Paso

Solar screens offer many benefits. They block out excessive heat, while allowing some degree of light to enter. They provide privacy, because their material is slightly opaque. And, because they shield from both heat-causing infrared light and UV rays, they can protect your home from light that might otherwise damage your furniture, or be harmful for your health. Finally, because solar screens are made from fabric, they can come in a wide variety of colors and styles—so you’re guaranteed to find one that perfectly matches the aesthetic of your home! 

What Are Retractable Awnings?

Retractable awnings are external shading structures that retract. Easy to open and close, they’re a convenient way to shade a deck or patio from the sun up above. Many retractable awnings suppliers in El Paso supply both manual and motorized retractable awnings, and will allow you to pick from an assortment of fabrics, frames, colors, and sizes—so that you can find one that has the perfect look for your home. 

The Benefits of Retractable Awnings in El Paso

Retractable awnings are not without their own unique benefits. Perhaps the most obvious being that they’ll keep you cool and well-shaded, while still maintaining a full view of your outdoor landscape. This makes them a reliable way to make the most out of an outdoor space (such as an outdoor deck or patio), without the added expense of making it enclosed. 

Retractable awnings can also come motorized—so that they’ll open and close with the touch of a button—or open manually with a hand-crank. Just like solar shades, they too come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles—perfect for homeowners who want to match their home’s appearance, or who need to conform to their HOA’s rules or guidelines. 

Solar Screens vs. Awnings: What’s the Best Choice For Your Home?

In summary, retractable solar screens are motorized shades that extend vertically across an open space, such as a patio opening, effectively enclosing it. Versatile and durable, they’re a convenient way to shield an outdoor space from direct sunlight, hot temperatures, and pesky bugs, while also providing some degree of privacy, and still maintaining some degree of an outdoor view. Solar screens are the ideal option for El Paso homeowners who would rather make the most of an outdoor living area (such as an outdoor patio) that would otherwise be open to the elements. 

Retractable awnings, in contrast, are a great way to maximize an outdoor space, such as an outdoor deck or patio—especially in the summertime, or from El Paso’s midday heat. Easy to open and close, they’re a convenient way to keep cool without obstructing the view. For homeowners who prefer to soak up the sun and sit in the shade, retractable awnings are likely the shading solution for you. 

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