What To Keep in Mind When Measuring New Doors in El Paso

May 15, 2023

When ordering new doors, there are a couple things you’ll want to consider. There’s the finish of the door itself, the materials the door is made of (such as wood, fiberglass, or vinyl), and even its form factor—from flush and full glass doors to french and pet-friendly styles. Of course, you’ll also want to consider the size of the door you need—to ensure the door you buy fits with the frame that’s around it. Which means there are several measurements you’ll need to take into account before you purchase your doors. 

In this blog, find out what you should keep top of mind when it comes to measuring for new doors, and find out how to guarantee you get the right size door for every opening of your home. 

Door Size vs Rough Opening: What’s the Difference?

Before you even start to measure for new doors, it’s important to understand the difference between door size and rough opening measurements. Door size refers to the actual size of the door slab, while rough opening measurements refer to the size of the space of the frame the door will fit into. 

For example, if there were two 2x4’s on either side of the door and the door width was 36 inches, the rough opening would be 38 inches, accounting for the one inch plank on either side of the door. The height of a door is measured the same—from the top to the bottom of the door slab for door size, or, rough opening measurements, from the subfloor to the top of the jamb. 

Why the difference?

The reason there are two ways to measure a door is because the size of the opening can be different depending on the type of door and where it’s located in a home. The door size is important to ensure a proper fit, while the rough opening measurements are important to make sure the door can be installed properly without any issues.

Slab Doors vs Prehung Doors

When measuring for a door, it’s also important to understand the difference between a slab and a pre-hung door. A slab door is simply the door itself, without any hinges or a pre-drilled hole for the door knob. A pre-hung door, on the other hand, includes the door, its frame, and the hinges.

As the sizes and placements of doors vary, it's uncommon for pre-hung and slab doors to be interchangeable, let alone for a pre-hung door to fit into a pre-hung frame of a different size. That’s why it’s important to decide if you are going to get a pre-hung or slab door before you make any measurements. 

For pre-hung doors, you’ll need to measure the rough opening of your existing door frame to ensure your new door and frame fit together properly. For slab doors, you’ll only need your slab door measurements, since slab doors will not account for the frame. 

How To Measure For A Pre-hung Door

To determine the size of a pre-hung door, you’ll want to measure the rough opening (not the door size). Start by removing the door casing around the sides and top of the frame. Then, measure the width of the opening from one side to the other, taking multiple measurements at the top, bottom, and middle of the frame. Record the largest measurement. Next, measure the height of the opening from the bottom edge of the header to the floor, again taking measurements from both sides and recording the largest. 

With these measurements, you should be able to find a pre-hung door that fits your rough opening measurements.

How To Measure For A Slab Door

Measuring a slab door is relatively easy - you just open the door all the way and measure the door slab (not the rough opening.) Simply use a tape measure to determine the width and height of the door itself, making sure to measure both sides. Additionally, you’ll also measure the door's thickness, which should be consistent along the length of the door. Since slab doors won't have mortises for hinges or a hole for the doorknob lockset, these elements will need to be added.

Get Your Custom Doors in El Paso Texas!

Can’t find a door that you like in El Paso? Prefer to have a professional install your doors than attempt to do it yourself? No problem! 

At Southwestern Home Products, we’re proud to offer custom doors in El Paso Texas that can be resized to fit the exact dimensions of your existing door frame—allowing you to get the door you want and achieve the perfect fit. Not only that, but our doors are stylish, durable, and made using the best materials available, ensuring they’ll not only last, but look great. And with a variety of types, materials, and styles to choose from, you’ll never have to settle for a boring door!

From sliding glass doors and entryway doors, to patio doors and shower doors, you can rest easy knowing our custom-made solutions can be tailored to your exact specifications, allowing you to get the door you want without compromise. 

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