Framed Glass Shower Enclosure - Buying Guide

February 18, 2022

Contrary to conventional thinking, there are many different ways to customize a fully-framed shower enclosure. You can select from slide or swing doors, for example, pick your frame color, and choose your very own glass style (and coating options). This equates to dozens of ways that you can make your framed shower enclosure stand out. 

Whether you want to match the décor of your bathroom or want to create an enclosure that’s as unique as they come, this guide can help you do it. Follow along as we explore your many options for framed shower enclosures and consider what features you want for yours. 

Slide or Swing Doors

You can select either sliding or swinging doors for your framed glass shower enclosure. 

Slide doors are great for homeowners with limited space, since the doors themselves don’t open out, and because their handles can double as towel racks—for further making the most of the space. They’re also a better option if you’re looking to place your enclosure on a tub. This will allow you to access both sides of the tub by sliding the doors to either side—allowing you to easily turn on the water without having to step in the tub. 

Swinging doors, also known as “hinged shower doors,” swing out to open, just like a regular door. This makes them easier to clean and maintain (since they don’t have any tracks) and safer to operate. They also provide a larger opening when opened, since the doors can open a full 90 degrees. And, because there are no tracks underneath, they provide a unique and seamless look. 

Keep in mind: sliding doors are more difficult to clean as opposed to swing doors, as soap water and grime can easily accumulate along their bottom metal tracks, causing them to rust. For an easy cleaning solution, upgrade to a trackless system that’s a snap to wipe down and maintain.

Hardware Finishes

You can select a finish option for both the frame and door handles for your framed shower enclosure. 

At Southwestern Home Products, we provide over 30 unique finishes to choose from—including polished chrome and nickel, brushed copper, gold and black. Our extensive options mean you can compliment the look and feel of virtually any interior aesthetic you have in mind—perfect for homeowners who are going for a precise look. 

Pro tip: Choosing your framed shower enclosure hardware is a great way to compliment your other bathroom finishes—such as the color of your lights or your towel racks—to create a unique (and unified) aesthetic for your bathroom.

Glass Styles

Framed shower enclosures come in two glass styles—clear glass and obscure glass. Clear glass is a great choice for homeowners who already have an elaborately designed shower interior (such as patterned tiles) that they want to show off well, and is generally considered a more modern-style finish. Obscure glass provides an opaque finish that’s unique on its own, and better for those who want to maintain some degree of privacy while in the shower. 

Concerned about glass thickness? We provide 3/16″ glass for all our framed shower enclosures—which makes them both safe for recurring use and affordable. 

ShowerGuard® Coating

Homeowners who choose to go with clear glass can also upgrade to our ShowerGuard® coating package. ShowerGuard® is an innovative glass coating technology that stops corrosion before it starts—keeping your glass crystal clear for years! Since shower glass gradually corrodes over time—often as a result of heat, humidity, hard water, and soap—ShowerGuard® is an outstanding add-on that can help preserve the appearance of your framed shower enclosure indefinitely. 

We’re proud to offer this extraordinary coating option for all our customers. In fact, we’re one of the few registered ShowerGuard® dealers in the El Paso area. 

Order Your Framed Shower Enclosure from Southwestern Home Products!

Ready to order your new framed shower enclosure? Still aren’t sure what options are best for you?

Whether you’re ready to buy or need help choosing your options, we’re here to help you procure a fully-framed shower enclosure that’s perfect in every way. Contact us to speak to a professional shower enclosure design consultant who can match your options to your specific needs and preferences. We’ll help you choose the glass, hardware, and finishes that will be perfect for you and your home!

Contact us today to get started crafting your fully framed glass shower enclosure!

Consider A Frameless Glass Enclosure

Looking for a more luxurious option?

Frameless shower doors are pricier but provide a cleaner, more modern look that’s incredibly customizable. Not only can you choose among heavier glass options, but also select from a more diverse array of hardware options and glass styles. They’re also easier to clean and maintain than framed shower enclosures. 

Check out our frameless shower enclosure buying guide to discover all your options for customizing a frameless glass enclosure in El Paso. 

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