Custom Doggie Doors in El Paso, TX

At Southwestern Home Products, we install custom doggie doors that are designed to align perfectly with the glass pane of your El Paso home’s back door or sliding glass door. Our doggie door models are built to fit perfectly and look as nice and clean as possible once they’re flush with their respective glass door.

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Doggie Door Installation Services in El Paso, TX

Our doggie door installation services come with professional glass cutting services that allow your new doggie door to fit as neatly as possible. With doggie door installation by Southwestern Home Products, you can rest assured that your El Paso home will be as safe and secure as possible as a result of proper installation methods.

Doggie Door Models

Our doggie door models come in two different variations, allowing us to install doors in homes all over El Paso no matter what type of sliding glass doors  you have. Our single-pane in-glass doggie doors are best suited to fit glass doors that have up to 3/16” of thickness to their tempered safety glass. Meanwhile, we offer double-pane in-glass doggie doors which are ideal for tempered, insulated glass doors that have a thickness between 3/16” and 2”.

Benefits of Our Custom Doggie Doors

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More Freedom for Your Pet

What’s the use of a beautiful, lush backyard if your dog can’t enjoy it at will? Our custom doggie doors let dogs, cats, and other pets roam freely in and out of the home, making them more happy and comfortable than being stuck inside all day. Many pets, specifically dogs, are bred for physical activity, and outside time is a major factor in keeping their overall health in good shape and keeping them mentally stimulated. 

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Effective Security Covers

Our custom doggie doors come equipped with high-quality security covers. With these, you can rest assured that no pests or other living things will have access to your El Paso home besides your pet alone. With our tested security covers, you have one less thing to worry about as your dog enjoys the freedom of mobility that our doggie doors provide.

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Premium Insulation

At Southwestern Home Products, we make our custom doggie doors with premium materials that won’t leave your El Paso home susceptible to noise pollution or air conditioning inefficiencies. Our products thoroughly insulate any gaps that other providers might leave present. This way, we ensure that you won’t experience spikes in energy bills due to lost heat or cool air, and with our top-of-the-line materials, you won’t experience any more noise than usual.

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Professional Installation

Don’t rely on DIY efforts to get your doggie door situated. Our team is ready to take on your custom doggie door project with our wealth of tools and experience in this area. Whether the installation process requires glass cutting, measurements, custom fitting, or troubleshooting, our installation professionals are more than equipped to install your doggie door the right way the first time.

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Peace of Mind for Dog Owners

With a full-functioning doggie door, pet owners no longer have to worry about their pets having accidents in the home because of miscommunication or poor timing. As long as your pet is trained to use the restroom outside, a doggie door can allow them to take themselves out to do their business. This takes the responsibility of letting your pet out multiple times a day off of your plate, so you can focus on providing them with the nutrition and love that they need while also putting time towards other endeavors.

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Quality Customer Service

The team of specialists at Southwestern Home Products makes your satisfaction our number one priority! We make it our responsibility to get you the custom doggie door that fits your pet’s needs, no matter what size they are. We also keep you updated through every step of the installation process, so at the end of the day, you know exactly what you’ll be getting from us!

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Single-Pane Models

Our single-pane in-glass doggie doors fit glass doors with a thickness of 3/16” or less, so anything thicker will require a double-pane doggie door installation. This model is also accompanied by a security door cover and compensation strips that fills in the sides and bottom of the doggie door frame, leaving no room for drafts or pests to enter through the cracks.

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Double-Pane Models

Our double-pane doggie doors are built with thicker glass doors in mind. Just like the single-pane doggie door model, this version also comes with a security door cover and compensation strips that fill in any empty spaces between the doggie door and the cutout created during installation.

What to Expect During Your In-Home Consultation


Contact Us

If you’re ready to explore the different doggie door options that could benefit you and your pet, contact Southwestern Home Products today to schedule your free consultation. Our team will reach back out to you to schedule a same-day, weekend, or evening appointment with you.


Free Consultation

During the consultation, our specialists will speak with you about your specific goals for your custom doggie door. Your specialist will also inspect the glass door that the doggie door will be installed in for detailed measurements and specifications. Once an assessment has been conducted, we’ll present you with options that suit your needs and give you an exact quote on the materials and installation needed for your selection.



Once you’ve accepted our quote, we’ll custom-order your doggie door ASAP so that it arrives within a reasonable timeframe. Once we’ve received the materials, we’ll set up an installation appointment with you that works best for your schedule. Upon arrival, our experienced technicians will then install the door and assess the finished product for quality assurance.

Peace of Mind

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom doggie door?

A custom doggie door is a custom-made door that can be installed at the bottom corner of a glass door or sliding glass door, to conveniently let your dog enter and exit your home when they want to go out.

How do custom doggie doors work?

Our custom doggie doors will fit seamlessly into your glass door or sliding door. Custom made for the size of your dog—with soft vinyl flaps to maximum insulation and comfort—they can be a convenient way for your dog to head outside and back in at their leisure.

Are your El Paso doggie doors safe?

Yes. Our custom doggie doors in El Paso are made using durable materials and high-quality security covers that will ensure no other pests (or people) can access your home besides your dog. You can also install a pet-resistant screen over your door to keep your pets inside when you don’t want them to exit freely.

How much do custom glass doggie doors cost?

Fabricating and installing custom glass doggie doors is an incredibly custom process, which is why it's often hard to determine an exact cost beforehand. Generally, the cost depends on the size of the door and the complexity of the installation. 

Keep in mind that glass doggie doors are considerably more expensive than traditional doggie doors, because two panes of glass need to be custom cut to the dimensions of your door. You can learn more about this process in our blog, How to Install A Doggie Door In A Sliding Glass Door

Can I finance my custom doggie door(s)?

Yes. Southwestern Home Products is partnered with Mariner Finance, and this partnership allows our customers to finance home improvement projects at 0% APR when balances are paid 90-day, 6-month, and 12-month terms. To access their simple, online application, visit Mariner Finance. Decisions are typically made within 20 minutes.

How long will it take to install my doggie door(s)

Once you've accepted the project estimate we generate during our in-home consultation, Southwestern Home Products will custom order your doggie doors. Manufacturing and fulfillment can be expected to reach completion within a couple of weeks, and we will contact you as soon as they are ready, so that we can schedule installation.

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Make Your Pet Happier & Healthier with Custom Doggie Doors

Help your pet be as carefree as they can possibly be! With custom doggie doors, your dog or cat can have more fun than ever moving freely around your entire El Paso backyard, without the need to be let in and out of the door manually. If you’re ready to improve your pet’s life now, contact Southwestern Home Products today to get your free consultation setup.

"Southwestern Home Products is great to work with.  They are quick to respond and very professional.  I highly recommend!"

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