The Benefits of Owning Shade Screens in El Paso

February 18, 2022

Shade screens offer El Paso homeowners many benefits. They’ll block out excessive heat—conserving energy—while providing privacy and shade without obstructing the view. As we’ll soon discover, they’re also an easy (albeit overlooked) way to increase your home’s livable real estate—enabling the possibility of an additional room to frequent from outside your home. 

Follow along as we explore the many benefits of owning shade screens in El Paso, and find out how you can benefit from this innovative exterior shading solution!

Superb Sun Blocking

One of the most cited benefits of solar screens is their superb sun-blocking benefits, and it’s easy to tell why. Not only do shade screens provide ample shade, they also block out excessive heat caused by infrared rays and reduce glare (for distraction-less television viewing). They’ve been shown to block UV rays as well—shielding you and your home from ultraviolet radiation that could otherwise cause sunburn, or damage your upholstery. They’ll even keep out unwanted pests, insects, and dust, making for a pristine outdoor living experience unlike any other. 

Shade Screens Blocking the El Paso Sun

Improved Energy Efficiency

With their outstanding ability to block out heat, it should come as no surprise that solar shades can also make your home more energy efficient. By keeping your patio and any adjacent rooms cooler, your air conditioner will have to work less to keep your home comfortable, making it more energy efficient as a result. 

How much can I save?

While the energy-savings benefits of shade screens in El Paso depend a great deal on their specific “openness factor”—the openness of the weave—which determines the degree of light that enters, shade screens have been consistently shown by the U.S. Department of Energy to reduce solar heat gain, conserving energy. With an average of 297(!) sunny days per year in El Paso, installing shade screens in El Paso is a wise investment that’s guaranteed to save you money on your energy bills. 

Privacy Without The Downsides

Because shade screens aren’t fully transparent (again, depending on their “openness factor”) they can also function as privacy-screens—preventing would-be snoopers from seeing you from outside your home. Nonetheless, because shade screens are only slightly opaque, they’ll continue to preserve your outside views while keeping you unseen—perfect for homeowners who want to watch their surroundings in complete privacy. 

El Paso Shade Screens Providing Privacy & Shade

Flexible, Accessible Space

Many El Paso homeowners are surprised when we tell them that their outdoor patio—when retrofitted with our retractable shade screens—can not only provide a viable alternative to a sunroom, but also increase their home’s “livable space.” That’s because with shade screens, you can enclose a patio and keep it comfortable year-round. 

Using an evaporative cooler or a propane space heater, you can easily cool or heat your enclosed ‘outdoor space’ depending on the season—easily transforming your semi-outdoor patio into one you can relax in all year. 

Get Retractable Shade Screens in El Paso

With so many benefits, retractable shade screens are one the easiest (and most overlooked) ways to increase the value and functionality of your home or backyard. Versatile and durable, they can shield your outdoor space from direct sunlight, hot temperatures, and pests, while still providing privacy, and maintaining the view. And, because they’re fully retractable and environmentally adaptable, they’re the perfect way to make the most of an outdoor space year-round.

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