How To Install A Doggie Door In A Sliding Glass Door

June 20, 2023

Sliding glass and french glass doggie doors are a stylish and practical way for dogs (and cats) to safely and conveniently enter and exit a home as they please, while still providing security. And, with a range of options, it’s never been easier to install one. 

Unfortunately, a common misconception about glass doggie doors is that anyone can install one, despite the fact that custom fabrication is required. In this informative blog, learn why it’s important to work with a professional glass contractor to ensure your door is safe for you and your pets, and why the process of adding a pet door within a glass pane is more involved than you may think.

Why It’s Important to Hire A Professional For Your Glass Doggie Door Install

Manufacturing and installing a glass doggie door insert for a sliding glass or french door requires more attention, labor, and specialized care than most realize, and it’s not something that can be done on the fly. That’s because glass doggie door inserts need to be added within a pane of tempered glass - we are not able to cut and insert a pet glass door within your current glass. 

The process of adding a pet glass door requires replacing the current large piece of glass and adding the pet door too so it can be seamlessly installed into the corner of the door. This “custom cutting” and replacing the whole glass pane is what makes doggie doors for glass doors more expensive than many people realize, since it involves cutting two separate pieces of glass, one which resembles the shape of the state of Oklahoma, and one for the custom-crafted doggie door. 

Moreover, installation can be tricky, and requires specialized techniques and experienced hands.

Considerations for Installing A Glass Doggie Door

Installing a french or sliding glass doggie door can be a great way to provide your pet with convenient access to the outdoors, but as with any home improvement, particularly involving glass, there are many things to consider before installing one.

Here are just some of the things you should consider before installing a custom glass doggie door:

  • The Type of Glass: If you pick a tempered glass application for your doggie door installation, the glass must be cut before it’s cured and sealed. As mentioned above, this requires an experienced contractor with specialized glass cutting tools.
  • Size and Location: Depending on your particular setup, the location of the doggie door may require special cutting techniques or double paned glass.
  • Small Dogs: Small dogs may have trouble getting over the door as we are unable to cut and lower the opening beneath the current door frame, which is why it’s important to consult with a professional. 

If you want to install a doggie door for your glass doors, make sure you work with a professional custom glass contractor who takes account of all of these factors before starting your project. With the right information and experienced contractor, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your glass doggie door is both safe for your pets, and secure and stylish for everyone else. 

Get Your Custom Glass Doggie Door Today!

Want a custom glass doggie door in El Paso? We can help! Our experienced and knowledgeable professional glass contractors will ensure that your doggie door installation is completed with care and precision. 

At Southwestern Home Products, we take into account all of the factors that can make or break a glass doggie door installation, including the shape and weight of your door, and the type of glass and thickness of the pane, and size and breed of your pet. We’ll also make sure the door is properly sealed to prevent water damage and provide superior insulation. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the convenience and style of your custom glass doggie door for years to come. 

Contact Southwestern Home Products to get doggie doors for your glass doors today! 

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