Rolling Shutters in El Paso, TX

You've worked hard for your El Paso home, so why not protect it? With rolling shutters from Southwestern Home Products, you can secure your home's windows, doors, or outdoor spaces. Rolling shutters can be mounted over these openings and offer privacy, noise reduction, insulation and protection against extreme weather, while also letting burglars know your home is not an easy target. Together, these benefits can put your mind at ease, so you can focus on enjoying your home and family.

Benefits of El Paso Rolling Shutters

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If you're looking for privacy, look no further than rolling shutters. With maximum opacity, rolling shutters offer zero visibility when closed, giving you and your family maximum privacy.

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Our rolling shutters use T-Block auto-locking that helps prevent forced entry when they are completely shuttered. 

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Light Control

Rolling shutters are the perfect window treatment solution for homeowners looking to darken rooms in their homes, such as a theater room or at-home gym.

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Heat Control

Our premium El Paso rolling shutters feature slats that are filled with dense, heavy-duty foam. This can prevent up to 99% of heat from entering your El Paso home, which can save you money on energy bills.

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Noise Control

When fully closed, rolling shutters can reduce noise up to 60%, so you can relax without interruptions.

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Motorized Options

Our El Paso rolling shutters can be motorized and controlled with a remote control, so you can raise and lower up to 15 shutters, individually or all at once. Best of all, all motors and electronics have a lifetime warranty.

Custom Rolling Shutters
in El Paso

Southwestern Home Products knows that residential rolling shutters in El Paso don't have to look industrial. They can serve their functional purpose while also looking aesthetically pleasing. That's why we have several options available for slat types and colors, so you can customize your shutters to match whatever style you have in mind.

Slat Options

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Standard Slat

  • 40mm 
  • Aluminum Slats
  • Dense, Eco-Friendly Foam
  • Covers Openings Up to 12 Ft Wide
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Patio Slat

  • 55mm
  • Eco-Friendly Foam in Slats
  • Covers Openings Up to 16 Ft Wide
  • Perfect for Wider Openings 
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Heavy Duty Extruded Slat

  • 55m
  • Heavy Duty
  • Extruded, Aluminum Walled Slats
  • Provided Extra Security & Impact Resistance

Slat Colors



Light Beige

Dark Beige




For maximum convenience and ease of use, Southwestern Home Products has partnered with Tucson Rolling Shutters to offer motorization upgrade options. Because we partner with only the best, all motors and electronics come with a lifetime warranty.

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The Square Handheld Radio Remote allows homeowners to operate up to 15 rolling shutters through walls and floors, so you can use your control from inside or outside the home. A magnetic, wall-mounted base allows you to place your remote in a convenient location.

Hub Connector

Forgot to close your rolling shutters before leaving home? No worries! With the optional Hub Connector, you can integrate your rolling shutters with Echo or Google Home and control them even when you're away from home.

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App Connector

If you add on a Hub Connector, take advantage of the free Connector App that allows you to control your rolling shades from your smartphone.

What to Expect During Your In-Home Consultation


Contact Us

Contact Southwestern Home Products if you're interested in learning more about our rolling shutters, or if you'd like to schedule a consultation. Our in-home consultations are free and scheduled at a time that is most convenient for you, including evenings and weekends.


Free Consultation

During your in-home consultation, we'll discuss what you expect from your rolling shutters, such as privacy, security, and insulation. Based on our discussion, we'll present you with the rolling shutters we think will meet your needs, while also presenting you with color options, add-ons, and examples of previous work. To provide you with an accurate quote for your project, we'll also measure any windows, doors, and spaces that will be enclosed. 



Once you've accepted your project proposal, Southwestern Home Products will order any materials that are needed. As soon as we receive your rolling shutters, we'll schedule installation with one of our vetted in-house installation team members. We never work with subcontractors!

Peace of Mind

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    Final sign-off on products & workmanship
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    1 year installation warranty

"Southwestern Home Products is great to work with. They are quick to respond and very professional. I highly recommend!"

- Jennifer P.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are rolling shutters?

Rolling shutters are hinged panels made of aluminum that can be fixed outside a window or door. Completely opaque—they can provide maximum privacy—and, by being soundproof, they can reduce outside noise by as much as 80%.

How much do rolling shutters in El Paso cost?

Every project has its own unique factors that affect the price. At Southwestern Home Products, we’ll charge a fair price for a job well done, and provide you with a free project estimate for your home improvement project. 

Are rolling shutters good for security in El Paso?

Our rolling shutters are incredibly durable. In fact, our slats—the interlocking components rolling shutters are made from—are made with sturdy aluminum and filled with a thick dense foam. They also lock when closed. They’re more than able to withstand penetration from would-be intruders—however the mere sight of them will likely deter most unwanted guests.

Can I finance my rolling shutters?

Yes, Southwestern Home Products has partnered with Mariner Finance to offer interest-free financing options at 90-day, 6-month, or 12-month terms. Applications can be completed online with decisions given within 20 minutes.

How long will it take to install my rolling shutters?

Once you've had your consultation and accepted your project proposal, Southwestern Home Products will custom-order your rolling shutters, which can take as few as 3 weeks to manufacture and arrive. As soon as we receive them, we'll schedule your installation which can be completed in 1 to 2 days.

Does Southwestern Home Products offer regular window shutters in El Paso?

Unfortunately, no. But we do offer an assortment of other shading products including retractable shade screens, interior shades, window blinds, and rolling shutters.

How do rolling shutters differ from interior shutters in El Paso Texas?

Unlike interior window shutters, which can be used to provide some degree of light-control and privacy, exterior rolling shutters are mounted on the outside of an opening (such as a window or door).

Made of hinged aluminum panels that lock in place when deployed, rolling shutters can withstand penetration by would-be intruders as well as heavy wind, and double as black out screens, making them the perfect way to shade, secure, and protect your home year-round.

Do people really install rolling shutters in Texas?

You’d be surprised at how many people do. From business owners who want to protect their valuables to homeowners who desire the absolute best in privacy, light-control, and protection, hundreds of residential and commercial property owners turn to Southwestern Home Products for our security shutters all the time.

Can rolling shutters increase the value of my home?

Absolutely! Exterior shutters can do more than compliment the aesthetic appearance of your home, but make it safer and more functional. With their ability to provide security, safety and convenient light control at the touch of a button, rolling shutters will certainly increase your home’s value.

How long do El Paso rolling shutters last?

With proper care, you can expect your Texas rolling shutters to last a lifetime, and look great the entire time!

What product options exist for rolling shutters in El Paso Texas?

As we mentioned above, our rolling shutters come in a variety of slat sizes, options and colors, and can be retrofitted with upgrades and add-ons to make their use more enjoyable or convenient.

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Secure Your Home With Our El Paso Rolling Shutters

If you're concerned about the safety and security, rolling shutters in El Paso may be the best window treatment option for you. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your options for installing rolling shutters outside your home. 

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