Windows & Doors

We are proud installing dealers of a number of excellent window and door manufactures for the replacement market, new construction and remodeling as well as the commercial construction market.

Replacement Windows 

Primary Brands:

  • Don Young Window Company
  • International Window Corporation

One of the best investments for your home and pocketbook is to upgrade your existing windows to energy efficient, attractive replacement windows. If your existing windows are older than 15 years or are the original windows installed in your home, they are most likely aluminum framed with one thin sheet of clear glass. These windows may keep some insects and dust out but that is about all they contribute to your home.

Aluminum frames absorb both heat and cold and transfer it into your home while clear glass adds nothing to your homes comfort.

Modern replacement windows incorporate the most effective improvements in glass and window frames to greatly enhance your homes energy efficiency and comfort.

What to Look For

The most popular and affordable replacement windows incorporate vinyl frames or thermally broken aluminum frames along with energy efficient insulated glass such as Low Emissivity over clear with Argon gas in the airspace between the glass panes. Both frames types are very effective in keeping outdoor temperatures from penetrating your home while the insulated low-e glass keeps unwanted heat, cold and ultra violet (UV) rays from entering your home.

The net effect is a quieter, more comfortable and energy efficient home….and you can also count on lower heating and cooling costs! Lets not forget how much more attractive your home will look with these beautiful windows and doors!

Custom Folding and Sliding Doors by La Cantina Doors
One of the most innovative features in both new construction and remodeling are large multi sliding or folding doors. These doors allow you to open entire walls to the outdoors and are being incorporated into both homes and commercial structures. The restaurant industry utilize these doors to join indoor and outdoor eating areas while you can bring the outdoors into your home for entertaining or simply to enjoy a nice fresh breeze.

Our primary supplier of these doors is the La Cantina Doors company. Check out these beautiful doors and give us a call for a consultation.

  • Commercial Storefront
  • Tubelite Frames and Doors

We offer contact glazing service for the commercial construction industry. Call us for a quote on your next job.

Glass Patio Gate

October 29, 2015

18′ Folding Patio Doors

October 29, 2015

30′ Sliding Patio Door

October 29, 2015