Shower Doors & Enclosures

Shower enclosures fall into two distinct categories; Frameless and Semi Frameless

Semi Frameless Shower Enclosures

This type of enclosure is of a more conventional design and incorporates the use of aluminum framing surrounding safety tempered glass. Much of the framing has been eliminated in some models like sliding enclosures. The glass itself is frameless but is surrounded by head and bottom rails along with side jambs affixed to the walls.

Semi frameless swing doors utilize hinge and strike rails which attach to the side walls. The door glass typically has two exposed or frameless edges, the top horizontal edge and the vertical edge closest to the pull handle. This style of enclosure is often used for multi panel shower enclosures where more than one wall will be glass instead of tile. Where fixed glass panels meet at a corner they can be butted glass to glass to create a more frameless appearance.

Frame Finishes

Semi frameless enclosures are available in most popular plumbing finishes: Polished Chrome, Satin Aluminum, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass

Glass Types

Semi frameless enclosures are available in a wide variety of glass with clear and obscure being the most commonly used. Many other textures are available and the cost varies by selection.

Semi frameless shower enclosures are generally the more affordable option, especially if a standard size model is available. Using standard height models is the most affordable option. For sliding enclosures standard heights are usually around 70 – 72” from the top of the curb to top of head rail. These models assume a raised curb which makes the effective finished height more functional and easier to step under when entering and exiting the shower. Custom Heights are available at additional cost and are being used more often as many homeowners elect to raise the height of the shower head when designing the bath.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless Glass Enclosures have become the popular choice for most homeowners and are characterized by the use of thicker glass and less metal than Semi Frameless Shower enclosures. Frameless Glass Enclosures are the best choice for creating an expansive, open feel in the bathroom, and typically utilize 3/8” thick, clear tempered glass. The inherent strength and rigidity of the thicker glass allows for the elimination of much of the metal framing needed for conventional shower doors which utilize thinner glass.

Hardware Finishes

Frameless Glass enclosures utilize hardware to match the plumbing finishes offered by most manufacturers. From polished chrome to polished nickel, oil rubbed bronze to venetian bronze, polished brass to polished copper; we can match your plumbing finish.

Glass Options

While clear glass is by far the most popular choice for frameless enclosures, there are many textured options as well. Most textured selections cost more than clear glass, but if privacy is a concern, textured glass is the way to go. At the top end of glass options is Cast Glass which is a created by heating the glass to the point it will take on the shape of a specific mold or pattern. Cast Glass can be used to create virtually any image in the glass and can be accurately described as glass artwork.

Surface Protection and Maintenance

Like all things, shower doors must be maintained in order to retain a like new appearance. Most manufactures offer surface protection products which can be applied to the interior surface of the glass. These products seal the surface of the glass and prevent the residue from the water and personal cleaning products from bonding to the surface of the glass. Most have a 10 year warranty which promises that you will be able to remove any water spots from the treated surface of the glass with the use of scratch free cleaning pads and cleaning products like Soft Scrub.

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