Shading El Paso for 70 years

SWHP was founded in 1946 as a venetian blind manufacturer. It was common at the time for venetian blinds to be a locally supplied mom and pop type operation. The company changed hands in 1952 and under the new owners began branching into other areas of installed sales of mostly home improvement products such as curtain rods and other types of window coverings. As the years passed the company became more involved in the new home construction industry installing the previously mentioned products and ultimately added a line of shower doors along with mirrors, closet doors, glass shelving and other glass products.

In 1986 the company was sold to the current owners who have continued to add innovative product lines to the existing offerings. If asked what sets us apart from our competition, I would say product knowledge and most importantly, quality installation. Our installation crews are the most experienced in the region and this is really important when installing custom products like frameless glass shower enclosures, replacement windows and sun control products. Anyone can sell these products, its the installation and service after the sale that separates the best company from the rest of the field. We are recognized throughout the region for this quality work and customer service.

Customer Satisfaction & Innovation are Our Goals

We are constantly on the lookout for new innovations to our existing product lines and are always searching for new products which will enhance our offerings. One example of this is our commitment to technical improvements to glass products such as ShowerGuard Glass. As frameless glass shower enclosures grew in popularity, the same old maintenance problems persisted. Unless the homeowner cleaned the glass after each use the water deposits left on the glass would soon form a hazy white layer on the glass surface which would ultimately bond to the surface of the glass. ShowerGuard Glass has a permanently applied surface protection which prevents the water deposits from bonding to the glass surface. You WILL be able to remove water spots from this surface for the life of the glass, guaranteed! This products works, and is like buying an insurance policy for your glass enclosure. Frameless glass enclosures are a significant investment and its important to be able to keep them looking beautiful for years.

We consider it an obligation to our clients to inform them about innovations like ShowerGuard Glass. I’m constantly amazed to learn how few companies take the time to learn about and incorporate these advancements to their offerings. It seems like every day a customer who is shopping for our products winds up saying, “I got pricing from your competitor but was never informed about this!” When I hear that, I know we are doing our job. I know that we provide so much more than a product.